Hi I’m Logan Finlay of FINLAY DESIGN a freelance graphic design service.

FINLAY DESIGN takes complex ideas and creates simple and unique designs that communicate the client’s goal.

some services...

Information design

Presenting information in a way that makes it accessible and easily understood by the users through a dynamic and attractive design.


Creating a strong visual identity for your brand. Every element of the design tells your customer base about who you are, and the client wants that identity to be exactly what the ideal consumer is seeing.

Package Design

Once your brand has been established, it is important to make sure it is visible to consumers so it can become familiar. This will help represent who you and your company are.

Media/marketing design

In a matter of seconds a brand needs to leave a lasting impression on a potential customer. To communicate and promote your brand in a way that is visually appealing.


Photography is an important part of how you capture your customers' attention. You need unique compositions that are able to portray your brand and achieve an eye-catching lay-out.

Print Design

A professional and eye-catching print design is what a client needs to create brand recognition and a positive image of your company. A great design will be essential.

Some projects...